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Scottish Independence and the break up of Britain (a working class perspective)

SaltireHamish Paterson

A speech originally given at the Foil Vedanta & Centre for World Environmental History Activist Academia forum, September 13th 2014.

I would like to start by saying that since the two world wars the leading powers have learned nothing. Its the same old squabbles: religion and material wealth. Scottish independence could be the thin end of the wedge in clearing the way for nuclear reduction. As I understand it the rest of the UK has no appropriate facility that can accommodate Trident or its replacement. I hope you would agree that these weapons are a destructive nightmare which keep the economic justice of the common man’s welfare down, as the billions spent on a weapons of defence can only encourage others to equip themselves with the same, only a little more powerful. Why? in ‘defence’. As I hope you’ll agree there are so many avenues in which these beneficial funds could be distributed in the many places of the world we know of which are pillaged for the resources required to maintain the armaments industries where the economic bodies of the world are embroiled. The question is how do we fix it?


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