We have experienced the power and effectiveness of real solidarity over our years of campaigning. For the affected communities, feeling the support of a global network can keep up morale even in the hardest times, giving them energy to continue the fight.

The most important day of our year is the Vedanta AGM in late July or early August, when Vedanta affected communities and solidarity groups across India, Africa and Europe hold parallel demonstrations highlighting the company’s crimes. Wherever you are, please consider holding a meeting or protest, or simply send in a picture of yourself holding a placard, on the Global Day of Action. The date will be published on our website as soon as it is announced, usually by late June.

Like and follow our Facebook page, and receive daily updates on the company and resistance from communities.

Direct support

If you are based in an area or country where Vedanta operates, consider visiting the site of operation and meeting surrounding communities to witness their plight for yourself. Stay in touch with local people and alert Foil Vedanta or national newspapers if there is any incident.

Raise awareness of the injustices they face by organizing talks and meetings in nearby urban areas.

Write to and lobby local and national government bodies, environment agencies and tribal or community rights bodies, making them aware of the ground reality and asking them to investigate and take action.

International solidarity

Please consider writing to members of the affected communities to express your solidarity for their situation and let them know they have global support. Contact us at foilvedanta@riseup.net to arrange a contact.

If you are based in the UK please contact Foil Vedanta to find out about upcoming events, talks and protests.

Write to the UK Financial Conduct Authority expressing concern about Vedanta’s London listing.


Government pension funds across Europe are invested in Vedanta.

Divestment campaigns have already had a major impact on Vedanta, particularly when the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund – the Norwegian Pension Fund – sold its significant shares and blacklisted Vedanta in 2007 and again in 2017 for ‘severe environmental damage and serious or systematic human rights violations‘. Martin Currie Investments, the Church of England, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Dutch Pension Fund PGGM have divested because of Vedanta’s ecological, and human rights crimes. Many investment firms such as Aviva also hold large stakes in Vedanta.

If you are in Canada, write to the Export Credit Agency (EDC) who recently invested substantial sums in Vedanta asking them to divest.

In the UK the University Superannuation Scheme (USS) pension fund, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Cheshire, Suffolk, Teeside, Middlesborough, Wolverhampton and Leicestershire county council’s pension schemes hold large investments in Vedanta.

Please write to your bank, or government pension scheme asking for a list of their investments. If Vedanta Resources is among them, write a concerned letter as a stakeholder, citing the Norwegian Government’s 2017 report.