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Zambia High Commission April 2014Foil Vedanta is an independent grassroots solidarity organization focused primarily on the FTSE 250 British-Indian mining giant Vedanta Resources PLC. Foil Vedanta targets the company in London where it is registered, as well as linking with people’s movements where Vedanta is destroying lives and devastating the land in India, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Zambia, Liberia, South Africa and elsewhere.

Foil Vedanta is a network of grassroots activists from a variety of struggles in Britain and worldwide. We are not a single issue campaign but work in solidarity and collaboration with a variety of other people’s struggles against corporate take-over and injustice, seeing ourselves as part of an ever widening global movement.

We hold demonstrations in London, support other like-minded struggles, visit and establish close links with local resisting groups, and carry out cutting edge research into the company’s activities and atrocities, publishing articles on our website. We are currently working to get Vedanta de-listed from the London Stock Exchange for their multiple human rights abuses and illegal operations.

Vedanta is headed by one of Britain’s richest people, Anil Agarwal and 67.99% owned by him and his family (as of January 2014) through a series of tax havens and holding companies. It was launched on the London Stock Exchange in 2003 with the assistance of Brian Gilbertson and the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), who continue with their  support for the company.

Vedanta has mines, refineries and factories in various states in India – including Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Goa – as well as in Zambia, Liberia, South Africa, Namibia, Australia and Ireland. It has historically focused largely on aluminium but has now expanded to Iron ore, copper, zinc and now even oil which it is drilling in Sri Lanka and African blocks. The company is being opposed everywhere it operates for violations of law, pollution and human rights abuses: In Chhattisgarh up to 100 people were killed when a chimney they were constructing collapsed on workers. In Goa mine waste floods have destroyed homes, while Vedanta were found guilty of illegal mining on a massive scale. In Tamil Nadu their subsidiary Sterlite have poisoned the town with gas leaks and dumped toxic waste near people’s homes. In Sri Lanka they are drilling near fragile coral reefs with the support of the genocidal Sri Lankan government, while in Zambia they have poisoned one of the main rivers causing ongoing birth defects, as well as depriving the Zambian government of billions of dollars in tax revenue.

In Odisha a ten year struggle by tribal communities and farmers led to a historic victory in 2013 when Vedanta was stopped from mining the sacred Niyamgiri hills for bauxite, costing the company up to $10 billion. Foil Vedanta was closely involved in this unique struggle.

Please see our resources page for leaflets and newsletters which detail Vedanta’s abuses at its various sites of operation.


Foil Vedanta has received occasional funding for trips to visit communities and activist expenses from Network for Social Change and Edge Fund. The rest of our basic funding needs are covered by our own fundraising such as cooking fundraising meals. All Foil Vedanta activists give their time on a voluntary basis.

Please contact us on foilvedanta@riseup.net

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