Carnival of Dirt

Friday 15 June 2012, the ghosts of London’s mining industry will come out to haunt it! Join Foil Vedanta and other mining campaigns from around the planet for a carnival like no other. Wear black and join the carnival of dirt!
Schedule: 11am Breakfast – St Pauls
A ceremony to celebrate those who stand up against the mining and extraction corporations and to remember those who have died for doing so. The full funeral cortege – with Congolese choir and New Orleans funeral jazz band – will bring their message to one of the institutions most responsible for these practices, the London Stock Exchange.
3pm Lunch: (venue to be announced)
A picnic held where participants can eat food from the countries most affected while listening to speeches given by people from the various movements involved.
6pm Dinner: Assemble at The Embankment
A party in the legendary style of Reclaim the Streets, to celebrate the global movement that is moving to end corporatocracy, end a global economic system that is unjust, unsustainable and undemocratic, end the unnecessary and failing austerity measures and bring about a fairer, more equal and sustainable world for all. Three sound systems and a global mix of genres.
The Carnival Family
This unique day of remembrance, actions and celebrations is bringing together people across generations and causes, political ideals and continents, with a coalition of activists contributing to the day including members of Frack Off, Congo United for Freedom, Free West Papua Campaign, Congolese Youth Action Platform, Earth Faeries, Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links, No Tar Sands, Foil Vedanta, Colombian Solidarity Campaign, Tatiana Giraud Foundation, Gaia Foundation, Lumumba Coalition, Latin American Mining Monitoring Programme, Government of the Dead, London Mining Network, UK Uncut, Occupy London, Reclaim the Streets and more.
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