Obituary: Keith Robin Fassenfelt

On Wednesday 24th November Foil Vedanta’s friend Keith passed away following a seizure which occurred in his sleep several years after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was 56 years old. Keith was a committed activist and played a major role in the Vedanta AGM demonstrations in 2011 and 2012, including taking part in an early morning noise demonstration outside Anil Agarwal’s house.

Keith was a deeply compassionate man, who gave his time and energy to a variety of struggles from the squatters movement to anti-aviation both day and night. His warm, cheeky presence was always appreciated and noticed at meetings and demonstrations. He was also a colourful character, a self admitted ex-bank robber and a portrait painter who would leave a demo to spend a few hours at the Victoria and Albert museum and eat a fancy lunch ‘free of charge’ before returning to the front line. Keith was courageous, compassionate, loving and had deep integrity and he will be sorely missed by many, including his friends at Foil Vedanta.

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