Photos from Vedanta AGM demo 2012




























































































































Save Goa Campaign put up posters showing devastation by mining in Goa

























Two activists dressed as Vedanta executives cover a 'dead body' with a sheet to symbolise the hundreds who have died at Vedanta's projects, or protesting them.

























Security guard covered in paint in front of the Lincoln Centre
















The buckets read 'Korba' and 'Tuticorin' - two of Vedanta's projects where large numbers of workers have died.























"Vedanta, Vedanta, blood on your hands!"

















Anil Agarwal's daughter and architect of the 'mining happiness' PR greenwash campaign - Priya Agarwal - walks through fake blood on her way into the AGM































Vedanta executives hurry into the AGM to avoid protesters








Mukesh Kumar, Lanjigarh COO enters AGM





















Symbolically, Vedanta sends a cleaner to try to remove the wet paint with a dustpan and brush. The crowd chants 'Vedanta - clean up your own mess'










John McDonnell MP - who scheduled an EDM on the destruction of Goa by miners including Vedanta - shouts into the megaphone.


























































Police feet with red paint
Part of banner reading 'Vedanta Olympic champion of murder, pollution and corruption'

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