The protests at the 2010 Vedanta AGM brought a lot of attention to Vedanta’s Niyamgiri operations. Here are a collection of the articles, videos and photos taken of the day. Join us for the 2011 AGM demonstrations!


William MacNamara, ‘Rights protests aim to swamp Vedanta AGM‘, “The FT’, 27 July 2010.

Peter Popham, ‘Vedanta’s very embarrassing silence‘, “The Independent”, 30 July 2010.

Business Diary: Cameron avoids Vedanta row‘, “The Independent”, 30 July 2010.

Richard Wachman, ‘Vedanta comes under fire for plans to build mine on ‘sacred’ land in India‘, “The Guardian”, 28 July 2010.


Peter Marshal’s photo stream

Demotix‘s photo stream


Channel 4 News – AGM coverage from 4 minutes in:


Vedanta Protest. London. 28.07.2010. from Michael Watts on Vimeo.

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