Extractive Industries on Trial! Protest at the Responsible Extractives Summit 2015.

Responsible Extractives Summit 2015 flyer excerptPlease join us to oppose the 6th Annual Responsible Extractives Summit at Tower Bridge Hilton on Monday 29th June.

Expose crooked executives from Shell, Vedanta, Rio Tinto, JP Morgan, Bechtel and more, co-opting UN’s human rights mechanisms and using sustainability and CSR spin to cover up their extensive and ongoing crimes against humanity and the environment.

Monday 29th June, 12 midday. Hilton Hotel, Tower Bridge, London, SE1 2BY.

Bring drums and placards!!

download the flyer here: Responsible Extractives demo flyer

More info on the true neocolonial faces of the key speakers at the event:

Mark Moody Stuart was the Managing Director of Shell responsible for the torture and hanging of indigenous Ogoni activists in Nigeria including Ken Saro Wiwa in 1995. He was also a key figure in preventing UN resolutions on the sovereignty of natural resources, and was a founding member of the UN Global Compact – a self-regulating mechanism for corporations critiqued for ‘bluewashing’ corporate crimes.

Tom Albanese is CEO of Vedanta Resources, named ‘the world’s most hated company’ for attempts to displace an indigenous community for a mine in India, refusing to pay compensation for poisoning Zambia’s main river which made thousands sick, and silencing a recent government report finding them guilty of negligence which killed at least 42 people in a chimney collapse at one of their factories. He was previously CEO of Rio Tinto Plc, accused of genocide around their Panguna copper and gold mine in Bouganville, Papua New Guinea, as well as gross pollution and collusion with the Indonesian military at their Grasberg mine.

JP Morgan are one of the main shareholders and bookrunners for the extractive industries responsible for manipulating commodity prices creating instability for resource producing nations. In 2010 JP Morgan bought more than half of the available warehoused copper in a few weeks, leading to a spike in copper prices. Blackrock, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are currently working together to buy up 80% of available copper, and hold it in warehouses creating a copper futures market enabling speculation, futures trading, and backing of new loans and funds.

Henry Bellingham MP, the former Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth, had a brief which included Africa, counter-piracy and the British Overseas Territories. The former include many of the British controlled tax havens such as the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, which enable tax evasion and capital flight from resource rich countries (particularly in Africa) on a massive scale by mechanisms such as transfer pricing.

Other corporations speaking at the event include Anglo American, Arcelor Mittal BP, GoldCorp, Catepillar and Bechtel.


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