International protest call out! Vedanta AGM, Friday 1st August

Guardian front page August 2012Protest call out!                                 Join us at Vedanta’s AGM,                                                        Friday 1st August. 14:00-16:00        

The Lincoln Centre, 18 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3ED
Join us for our major annual demonstration at Vedanta’s AGM.
We will bring the defiant energy of communities fighting (and winning) against Vedanta around the world to London: from the miners associations, to the looted people of Zambia, and the Dongria Kond tribe.
Parallel demonstrations are already planned in Zambia, Odisha and Delhi in India on this international day of action. Please contact us on if you would like to plan a demonstration at any Vedanta affected community, or in solidarity ANYWHERE!
Please find more info on the Delhi demonstration here.
download leaflets for your community and spread the word here:

Bring drums, placards, banners and lots of energy!


              KICK VEDANTA OUT OF LONDON!                               LOOTER, POLLUTER, CRIMINAL in AFRIKA & INDIA

Vedanta Resources is a FTSE 250 British-Indian mining company guilty of thousands of deaths, environmental devastation, anti union action, corruption and disdain for life on earth. They have become one of the most hated and contentious companies in the world.This year Vedanta have paid the price for their arrogance and greed. Many of their metals operations in India have been affected by local activism. In December their share price crashed and they dropped out of the FTSE 100. Anil Agarwal bought as many shares as possible, putting his current holding at 69%, virtually a private company. In Zambia, revelations by Foil Vedanta have shaken the country and led to demands for Vedanta’s subsidiary KCM to be re-nationalised.Help us keep up the pressure on UK financiers, pension funds and the UK government to hold this company to account!

Show your solidarity with communities in Afrika and India fighting Vedanta!

In Odisha, India Vedanta lost $10 billion this year when a tribal community won a ten year struggle against the State and the company to stop the Niyamgiri mountain being mined!

In Zambia   Vedanta’s Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) poisoned thousands of people, causing ongoing birth deformities, in major pollution spills in 2006 and 2010. They refused to pay a $2 million fine. Vedanta claim they are making a loss and cannot pay taxes or workers, keeping their accounts secret, but Foil Vedanta research discovered they were making $500 million/year at KCM! Foil Vedanta’s report: Copper Colonialism, (see website) has led to protests and calls for KCM to be re-nationalised.

In Sri Lanka  subsidiary Cairn India are one of the only oil companies drilling in the Tamil seas, with the support of the genocidal Sri Lankan miltary and navy, after all other oil majors pulled out. David Cameron personally enabled Cairn India to be sold to Vedanta against the Indian governments wishes, due to environmental and health and safety concerns.

In Goa, India Vedanta subsidiary Sesa Goa’s operations were stopped after it emerged that they exported 150 million tonnes of iron ore in 2010/11 while only declaring 7.6 million, their agreed export allowance. They have also caused toxic mine waste floods.

Vedanta are supported by the British government, as well as our banks, pension funds and financial institutions. Vedanta is 69% owned by  Anil Agarwal and his family via various tax havens. Top shareholders include Standard Life, Blackrock inc. and JP Morgan – the same financiers of South African miner Lonmin who shot and killed 34 protesting mine workers in August 2012.

FOIL VEDANTA IS  a grassroots international solidarity group. We carry out cutting edge research on the company and the interests behind it, aiming to bring Vedanta to trial in London, as a case study of corporate crime. We also support, link, and amplify the demands of communities struggling against Vedanta around the world.

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